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Don't Guess.

Meili Medicine offers a variety of lab testing. We use precision testing to identify metabolic health, nutrient status, & hormone levels allowing for a personalized approach. We tailor treatments and track progress based on individual lab results. Identify and address the root cause of your symptoms. Take out the guesswork and only take necessary therapeutics.

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Raising the Standard 

Functional labs assess Optimal Ranges not solely “normal” ranges. The aim is to uncover the causative factors triggering hormone imbalances, metabolic dysfunctions, inflammation, and fatigue prior to the disease state. The most commonly ordered tests are the "Functional Testing Trifecta" which includes the Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis, Organic Acids Test, and the Comprehensive Stool Analysis. 

Functional Lab Tests

Functional Blood

Chemistry Analysis


Are your labs “normal”, but you feel off? The Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis takes basic lab tests and redefines your labs with Optimal Ranges. The FBCA includes analysis of functional body systems, macronutrient and individual nutrient status, and a comparative analysis of labs.  Identify & address dysfunctions prior to the disease state. This is recommended for initial screening along with the Organic Acids Test.

Organic Acids



Want to know if your body is detoxing properly, how your mitochondria is functioning, or if you are producing adequate serotonin, dopamine, or norepinephrine? The Organic Acids Test (OAT) offers a comprehensive metabolic assessment of 76 markers. It provides an evaluation of vitamin and mineral levels, oxidative stress, neurotransmitter levels, markers for oxalates, and gastrointestinal markers including yeast and bacteria. 


GI Analysis


Are you concerned you may have intestinal permeability? Do you want to know if imbalances in your gut microbiome are causing any health issues? This test offers precision identification of pathogenic & beneficial microbial species in the intestines. Assess the efficiency of digestion and absorption through markers including elastase, fat, muscle and vegetable fibers, and carbohydrates. You are not what you eat. You are what you can digest and absorb.

For Who?

No matter where you are in your health journey, if you are looking for Optimal Health, functional testing can help. Identify underlying nutrient deficiencies and dysfunctions in metabolic, hepatic, or neuro-endocrine pathways. Address imbalances with natural & effective botanical prescriptions, nutrient supplementation, and lifestyle modifications. 

What Clients Say

"My autoimmunity is in remission! Before I worked with you my thyroid antibodies were off the chart. Now it is squeaky clean! I cannot thank you enough for helping me reach remission without the use of prescription medications".

- Martha, TN

"My son's lymphangioma cyst is completely undetectable! It actually started to shrink after just a day or two of the herbs. I am so grateful he does not have to have surgery. Thank you so much!"

- Jake & Jordan, NM

"I was inflamed, fatigued, & bloated. My doctors told me my labs were normal and nothing was wrong. After working with you, I now have more energy & freedom in my body. I do not get bloated after eating. I feel so good. Thank you!!!"

- Paul, MT

How It Works

The Way Forward

Every functional lab test begins with an in-depth initial consultation for new clients. We review history, health goals, & order labs. Lab kits will be shipped directly to you. In-home phlebotomy is available for blood draws. Once your labs are in, we will review your report of findings & create a custom treatment plan.

  1. Initial Consultation + Lab Order

  2. Lab Kit (At home or Lab)

  3. Follow-up + Custom Plan

Getting lab work is easier and more convenient than ever. The online reports offer a visual understanding of your lab markers and the path forward.

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