Our Value & Purpose

Heal with Meili Medicine

Our purpose is to heal those who are sick by offering safe, effective natural remedies to restore the body to health. We do not believe in suppressing symptoms but address the underlying cause of the disease that triggers the symptom. We work to educate those in our community to heal and balance the body and mind through safe and natural therapies.

No two people are the same. We specialize in personalized treatments and curate specified nutrition plans and herbal prescriptions for each individual patient. We source the highest-quality products and support local producers with sustainable practices. 


Innovation and current evidence-based medicine are the foundation of our practice. In the Oath of the Great Physician, we are to “perform responsibilities carefully, thoughtfully, and to the best of our ability.” At Meili Medicine, we stay abreast on current research in Integrative Medicine while thinking critically and thoughtfully when addressing any health condition.


Online Specialists

Integrative Medicine treats beyond the conventional. At Meili Medicine, we are trained to treat the body as a whole, to heal the root of disease, not just suppress a symptom. Meet our provider, Brittany Ayers, L.Ac., using your phone, tablet, or computer in the comfort of your home or office.

Emotional Healing

We have access to everything we need to heal ourselves. Integrative Medicine looks to heal all parts of the human: mind, body, and spirit--an evidence-based approach that takes into consideration body constitutions and emotional states. 

We believe: 

“Even our pain, when transformed, offers us the gift of wisdom, knowledge, and compassion. We can learn to listen to all the parts of ourselves, to cultivate a deep relationship toward them. They tell our story, the story of our journey to wholeness.”

-Lorena Monda

The Practice of Wholeness

A word from the founder

Not long after completing my graduate degree in Chinese Medicine, I became ill with a debilitating disease. Within a year the illness impacted my energy level with extreme fatigue, my mind with cognitive dysfunction, and my body with digestive disorders, anxiety, numbness, weakness, and pain. Some days were easier than others. On the bad days, it was a great accomplishment to make it out of bed before noon only to make “breakfast” and go back to bed again. After my diagnosis, I was seeing multiple doctors and taking up to 40 pills a day. I couldn’t work. I was exhausted. Much of my time was focused on doctors’ appointments, taking pills, and preparing proper foods so my body could heal. Finding the right doctor that was confident in treating my condition was of the highest priority. Eventually, I found the right doctor. Unfortunately, the round-trip drives to see my physician was 10 hours. With limited physical energy & financial resources, getting to my doctor’s office was few & far between. Eventually, I moved across California to live closer to my doctor.  Over my course of treatment, I found that 75% of my appointments did not require a physical examination. I spent countless hours & thousands of dollars on the quest to have my health return. 

My vision with Meili Medicine is to provide an online platform for anyone to easily access Integrative Medicine. My hope is that people struggling with chronic illness or any other condition are able to get the care they need and find the right provider without wasting time, money, and energy. Health is available to us all. Finding the right care is now easier and more cost-effective. Get the answers and the direction you need on your journey back to optimal health. Meili Medicine is here to provide simple & effective online access to healthcare.


Brittany Ayers, L.Ac. 

Founder, Meili Medicine