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Online Specialists

Integrative Medicine treats beyond the conventional. At Meili Medicine, we are trained to treat the body as a whole, to heal the root of disease, not just suppress a symptom. Meet with an integrative & functional medicine practitioner, using your phone, tablet, or computer in the comfort of your home or office.

Emotional Healing

We have access to everything we need to heal ourselves. Integrative Medicine looks to heal all parts of the human: mind, body, and spirit--an evidence-based approach that takes into consideration body constitutions and emotional states. 

We believe: 

“Even our pain, when transformed, offers us the gift of wisdom, knowledge, and compassion. We can learn to listen to all the parts of ourselves, to cultivate a deep relationship toward them. They tell our story, the story of our journey to wholeness.”

-Lorena Monda

The Practice of Wholeness

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