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Welcome to the Optimal Reset by Meili Medicine

1. What to expect

Everything you need to know to set you up for success for the Optimal Reset.  

2. Biometrics 

Everything you need to know on how to track biometrics & observation for the program. 

3. Bristol Stool Scale

Everything you need to know about tracking with the Bristol Stool Scale.

4. Supplements

Everything you need to know in regards to taking your supplements for the program.

5. Sharing is Caring

Claim your 3 for 1 access to the Optimal Reset by filling out the form. Tell your plus-two, a gift of health is coming their way. Shortly they will receive admission to the program. 

6. Download App

  1. Download the App

  2. Receive Program Admission 

  3. Wait For Your Supplements

  4. Start Optimal Reset!

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