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Flaxseed oil powder contains soluble and insoluble fiber that may aid in removing toxic metals.* Its mucilaginous properties have been shown to lubricate the intestinal walls while providing soothing effects and removing waste.*


Ancient Ayurvedic medicine regards shilajit as a multisystem adaptogen with regulating and strengthening abilities while offering significant detoxification properties.* Research has shown that it may possess the unique ability to deliver nutrition into cells while transporting toxic substances such as heavy metals out of cells through the elimination processes.*


Shilajit contains the highest concentration of an edible form of fulvic acid.* Fulvic acid may act as a chelator, yet has been show to contain upwards of sixty minerals and trace elements and is a significant source of electrolytes.*


Studies have shown that activated charcoal uses a process of adsorption to support elimination of over 4,000 types of toxins in the body including heavy metals and mycotoxins.* Research revealed that while activated charcoal can chelate, it does not reduce the body’s necessary nutrients if used properly.*


As a result of its potential fat-emulsifying properties, the plant sterol known as beta-sitosterol may prevent the reabsorption of neurotoxins.*



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