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The Gut - Immune System Connection

The Gut - Immune System Connection

Why healthy gut flora equals a robust immune system.

Right now there is more focus than ever on having a healthy immune system. In the face of the novel coronavirus, many are looking to keep their immune system strong. But what does that mean and how do you improve the function of the immune system? Here we will discuss the importance of a healthy flora gut, how your gut is connected to your immune system, and how you can ameliorate your gut flora to improve overall immune function.

What is the immune system?

The immune system is made up of cells, tissues, organs, and systems that act as the defense mechanism of the body. Lymphocytes, which are white blood cells, include T-cells, B-cells and NK cells, neutrophils, and macrophages. Each one of these cells carries out its own specific function to fight off infection from bacteria, virus, parasites, cancerous cells, & various microbes.

How is the immune system connected to the gut?

Up to 70% of your immune system is in your gut. “Gut-associated lymphoreticular tissue (GALT) is one of the largest lymphoid organs, containing up to 70% of the body’s immunocytes.” Here are a few examples of the gut- immune connection:

  • Peyer’s Patches

Peyer’s Patches are lymphatic tissues found in the mucous membrane of the ileum, a section of the small intestine. This lymphatic tissue contains T-cells, B-cells, and macrophages. These cells clean out & fight off infections. They can become inflamed from fighting infection therefore negatively impact immune function.

  • Immunoglobulin A

IgA is an antibody produced by lymphocytes in the gut wall. IgA plays a crucial role to prevent unwanted antigens passing through to the circulatory system. When there is an abundance of unhealthy gut flora there is a drop in the production of IgA.

  • Cytokines, interferons, & other proteins

These are all proteins that regulate immune response to specific viral infections. When gut flora is out of balance these protein levels are impacted along with a drop in macrophages, lymphocytes, & IgA. This has reaching impacts beyond the gut; it affects the body’s entire immune system.

  • Vitamins

Healthy gut flora is essential in synthesizing essential vitamins such as vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C, A, D, and K2.

How to build healthy gut flora to improve your immune function.

Building healthy gut flora and repairing intestinal permeability involves a 4 step protocol, known as the 4 R’s of gut repair. This protocol removes inflammatory foods, rebalances gut flora, repairs intestinal permeability, & improves overall immune function.

If you are interested in learning how Meili Medicine can guide you on a step by step plan to keep your immune system resilient by healing your gut, book here at


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