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Five Day Sugar Free

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Hello! My name is Itzel (eat-sell) and I am loving this challenge! Although I have removed refined sugars from my diet over the past few months, removing fruit sugars has been incredibly challenging! My sugar cravings are at an all time high! I want to continue with this challenge in the long-term, but its going to take some time for my body to adjust and wean off fruit. I’m hoping to learn from you all what recipes you are trying and how you’re feeling day two!

Brittany Ayers, L.Ac.

Whew! What a day. Had a rough time choosing my foods. I’m good about drinks since I love my water 😉 👍🏼 Now talking about my food choices. I feel as if I’m limited, but as soon as I did some research I was able to find awesome recipes. Today I was feeling a little slow to start, after noon came around and was craving some SUGAR!! (Even an apple) lol I didn’t cave in though. 2 grilled chicken breast, kale salad with oil and vinegar. Now im stuck with my dinner choice….HELP! I like the fact that I didn’t meal prep my foods because it forces me to research a lot more about foods and cooking. Also sugar free deserts 😳 I just look at what I already have and the throw it together. Seems easy but kinda tough lol I’m trying to make this fun as well as educational. Love the challenge so far. Day 2 is almost a wrap but I know day 3 will be even tougher! Bring it on! QUESTION! What’s the best substitute for energy? Electrolytes? Does that contain sugar? I don’t want to carb overload here! Thanks guys! Keep pushin’ 🤙😎💯



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