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Better Liver Program

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Better Liver is a nutritional plan designed to upregulate the liver so it can perform its 500+ functions. The nutrition plan alone is clinically effective. It can be coupled with Chinese herbs & supplements for more powerful effects and improved results.

Daily Videos


Each day you will receive a short video & a daily topic with information that will stay with you for a lifetime. The daily topics include evidence-based information on how the liver's biochemical mechanisms are impacted by food, along with many other subjects.

Notification Reminders


Stay on track with our friendly reminders. We will send you an email notification every morning and friendly reminders through the app when you miss a step. We keep you on track so you get results.

Nutritional Plan 


Recipes are delivered to you each day of the program. It is easy to follow and available from your phone, tablet, or computer. We trust in the healing of whole foods, kept simple and leaving you satiated each day. 

Accountability Tracker


Our accountability tracker will keep you on track to reach the utmost success during the program. Mark steps completed from the push of a button to let us know you have completed your daily steps. If you miss a day, we will send you a friendly reminder.

Chat & Support


We are here to help. You can contact our support team with any questions you may have. We are here to guide you on your journey to Better Health. You are not on your own. You can speak to a real human to discuss any health concerns.


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